Bump-and-Run Burgers

In the close quarters of stock car racing, bump-and-run is the name of the game. Give the car in front of you a little nudge, throw ’em off-kilter and then make a pass while the other driver tries to regain control.

Now, we’ll admit the similarities between grilling burgers in your backyard and racing maneuvers involving contact between cars traveling upward of 200 miles per hour are few and far between, but in both cases, they’re simple, commonly employed tactics that – when done right – can be extremely effective. Here’s how we do ours:


•       1 pound of ground beef chuck
•       Meat Church: The Holy Gospel BBQ Rub
•       Toppings and condiments
•       Buns


1.     Form four patties from the ground beef.
2.     Indent the middle of the patty with your thumb.
3.     Sprinkle the Meat Church Holy Gospel BBQ Rub on the patties.
4.     Place the patties in the smoker, set at 350 F.
5.     Let the burgers sit in the smoker for about 6 minutes.
6.     Flip and apply Meat Church to the other side of the patties.
7.     Remove from the smoker and enjoy with your favorite condiments.

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